About Us

In 2019, a group of moms began discussing ideas on how to integrate business principles within their children’s experiences on a thread on social media. A few of these women had heard of other areas hosting vendor markets for children to create and experience entrepreneurship first hand. To their dismay, they discovered that such an event did not exist in the Magic Valley area. And thus, the Magic Valley Kid Market was born. 

The Magic Valley Kid Market is a child led vendor market which allows children to unleash their creativity and dive headfirst into the business world by having real life experiences. These markets allow children to learn all aspects of business including: cost analysis, supply and demand, marketing, money management, communication, customer service, profitability, and entrepreneurship. 

Since the first market took place in the summer of 2019, we have hosted an additional 10 market events; along with numerous business tours, and classes geared toward business or financial literacy.

At the end of 2021, we were approved as a non-profit organization and received an amazing grant from the Chobani Community Impact Fund to help us further our mission.

It is our mission to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit within our children and to teach them how to be business leaders of the future. Many children have hopes and dreams of becoming future business owners, but there are few opportunities that allow them to actually implement their ideas before adulthood.

Our goal is to help children be creative, experience customer service, develop marketing skills, learn business basics and practice money management. 

With feedback from our participants, we keep evolving to make our events better each year.

We hope you will join us in helping teach our children how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Whether your child participates in a booth, comes to a class, or you just decide to stop by and shop-we hope to see you soon!