Market Scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities 

We are honored to have received a grant this year from the Chobani Community Impact Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation to help further our mission of helping children gain a hands on experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

We know that the last few years have been incredibly challenging for many families. Because of that, we are adding 2 scholarships to each market to help those in need. 

Here are the details:

Each market will have two scholarships available: one for ages 5-11 and one for ages 12-16.

The scholarship will provide $100 toward supplies, plus the $15 booth fee. (Supplies must be purchased in Twin Falls). 

Applications will be accepted for each market. Please watch for each area's deadlines for submitting your application.

Winners will be announced via Facebook and email.

Multiple children from each family can apply if ideas are different.


Children need to be 5-16 years old.

Children must fill out the application themselves (parents can coach/scribe the ideas for younger children, but the ideas need to come from them). Handwriting should be legible.

Children must be participating in the Magic Valley Kid Market in 2022.